rose meadow

Our Founders

​Both personal and professional experiences were combined to compel Dan and Joanne (Devine) Donovan to design a program that provides comfortable and safe homes for those who have suffered a traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, or have a neurological disorder and that are not demographically suitable for a nursing home environment​.

The road that led the Donovan’s to the creation of Rose Meadow encompasses more than five decades of experience, starting with nursing homes.  Dan Donovan is a third-generation health care facility owner and Joanne has been an administrator in the health care field since the 1960’s.  Dan and Joanne shared a common concern for the number of young adults they had seen not able to have their long-term rehabilitative care needs adequately met in a nursing home environment, as well as deficits in the social and recreational aspects of their lives.

​​With Rose Meadow, Dan and Joanne are focused on serving the needs of the 20% of adults with traumatic brain injuries that would never recover sufficiently to live independently and did not have an appropriate long-term option available to them. Their passion to continue helping prompted them to design a unique facility right here in New Hampshire to meet the lifelong needs of the most severely injured.  They wanted to provide supervised supported residential services in a comfortable home environment in New Hampshire, which is not only the Donovan’s home but a leader in helping to address some of the rehabilitative care problems throughout the country.

​Dan and Joanne are still actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the facilities and continue to ensure the values that lead them to the creation of Rose Meadow are instilled in their staff.  Their lifelong goal is that Rose Meadow continues to be a superior health care facility and a leader in the field of long-term care for people with neurological disorders, but more importantly “home”, in every sense of the word, for all our residents.