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Rose Meadow offers three private assisted living residences.  All are located in rural areas in the quaint town of New Boston, New Hampshire.  New Boston is located just minutes from New Hampshire’s major cities and allows our residents access to first-class medical facilities and healthcare providers.  It also allows residents to enjoy the benefits of the numerous recreational, cultural, and leisure activities that are found in our area. 

A small town community is necessary to the success of our programs and our residents.  A sense of belonging in a community helps promote respect, dignity and independence.  Brain injuries can also create substantial confusion for residents while they are out in the community and a big city atmosphere can tend to intensify those feelings.

We work hard to maintain the feeling of home for our residents at our programs. The administrative functions are kept out of the living area and the day to day lives of our residents.  We strive to create a sense of family between not only the residents and staff but the residents collectively.  We respect their privacy and promote their independence just as they would receive in their own home.  Our programs are specifically designed to allow for the highest quality of life for our residents by allowing them to participate in a normalized home environment that can meet their vast medical needs.

All of our programs have the same state licensing, are subject to the same state regulations and adhere to the same in-house policies and procedures.  They are all managed by the same knowledgeable core management team to ensure consistency and quality of care at all of our program locations.

The per idem rate for our programs include:

  • Full room and board to include:

    • Single occupancy room

    • Full linen service

    • Housekeeping

    • Maintenance services

    • All meals (excluding tube feedings)

  • Nursing support services

  • 24 hour resident supervision while in the care of Rose Meadow

  • Community and recreational activities

  • Transportation to medical appointments and Rose Meadow sponsored recreational and community activities (up to 50 miles)

  • Implementation of agreed Individual Service Plan goals, if applicable

  • Medical needs management

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