At Rose Meadow, our mission is to enhance each resident’s quality of life. Our commitment to excellence and service is achieved with the involvement of a well trained staff in an environment that promotes, serves, and enables each resident to enjoy the same values we want for ourselves; the highest level of independence, friendship, growth, and productivity.


Rose Meadow programs provide supported living with 24 hour supervision in a comfortable home environment. Residents receive nursing care, attendant support, case coordination, and appropriate therapies while also enjoying the ambiance of home.

Our program is community based and individualized to meet each resident’s specific needs.  Our staffing ratios allow Rose Meadow to provide the highest level of care while at the program and also allow the opportunity for residents to enjoy individual community outings. Individuals can be served on a short-term basis, to receive specific community integration skills and prescribed therapy to regain a higher level of independence, or on a long-term basis for safety, health management and continued growth in independence.  We also offer respite services (on bed availability) which allow the care givers of individuals residing at home an opportunity for personal time, vacations, etc. while knowing their loved one is safe and receiving the highest level of care in their absence.


At Rose Meadow our caring professionals are dedicated to helping our residents reach their highest level of independence and to provide them with the highest level medical management.  We work closely with all parties involved in a resident’s case to ensure great communication and continuity of care. We believe that through individualized care plans, all residents have the opportunity to improve their quality of life.

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